Here’s a sampling of what real estate investors are saying about Benjamin Bach & the KW Commercial division at Keller Williams:

“REALTORS® should be versed in the economy, finance, housing markets, architecture, design, psychology, sales & more like @benjaminbach #FF ” – JohnDMcClung

“Real Estate investment Advisor and another person who “gets it”. Just met him down in Kitchener last weekend. @BenjaminBach #ff” – Matthew Scobel (@scobes on twitter)

“If you don’t buy an investment property from this guy, you’re crazy. He’s the best man for the job!!” – Ken Eaton, Re/MAX A-B Realty, Stratford Ontario

“Benjamin is an individual that goes the extra mile in life and in business because he lives his life from a position of contribution and growth.

I added Benjamin to my real estate team as our sole realtor over two years ago, and since that time he and I have closed on 5 deals that have all been a success. This is due in part to his in depth local knowledge, mastery of his field, and dedication to serve each client to his maximum ability.

I have referred several friends and colleagues to Benjamin as I know he will give them to customized, personal service that I’ve come to expect from him.

Benjamin would be a great addition to your team as you continue down your path to financial freedom and prosperity.”

-Darryl Kraemer, The Opes Group – Successful Real Estate Property Joint Venture Investments and Dr. Robin Walsh, ND. Naturopathic Doctor in Waterloo, Ontario

“Hi Ben, I hope this message finds you and Sarah well and enjoying married life.

I’m sold on the value of Real Estate investing. We are generating positive cash flow from every property plus I just received my mortgage statements from last year. My tenants paid my mortgages down by over $25,000 in one year. Not including the cash flow or appreciation.

We are proceeding to build an addition onto 1234 Cedarbrae and by Sept.1st we will have two extra rooms available to rent. I owe you the credit for that property. You saw the value when I didn’t. Now I will gain over $100k in post-construction value plus the extra cash flow will pay for the construction in less than 5 years.

I am tinkering with my properties, trying to maximize the value. The property at 1234 Weber St. was purchased as a duplex for $222,000. I am considering trying to convert this into a triplex, with three 2 bedroom units. Would you be able to give me a rough ballpark as to what the value might be post-construction? This will help me in my decision process.

Thanks in advance, Larry”

“It was only a short 2 years ago that I met Ben Bach with limited knowledge of real estate investing. Since then Ben & the Wealth Team at Keller Williams have taught me the fundamental systems, mentored me through phases, and helped me grow my real estate knowledge & portfolio 5 fold!

A major key to success in real estate investing is your team and how well they work together. Ben has been an amazing consultant & advisor, and by far my number one and key player in my accelerated success! I now run a contracting & real estate investment company that will continue invest, diversify & evolve into larger projects with help from Ben & Keller Williams.

I have always wanted to become an entrepreneur and I have been able to achieve this goal now. With continued support from Ben & the Team I plan to sustain a long and successful career through real estate investing.

Thanks Ben for all you’ve helped me achieve!! ”

Chad Ritter, Delve Contracting

“Benjamin specializes in finding the very best properties for his investor clients. Each investor has a different investment strategy and Benjamin is skilled at matching clients’ needs with potential properties as they come on the market. He is a master at building relationships that ensure shared wealth creation.”

Chris Baxter

“I’ve worked with Benjamin and the Keller Williams real estate team on multiple successful transactions to date, and look forward to many more in the future. Benjamin’s expertise and passion for real estate make him an asset to anyone in the market for a sound investment property.”

Adam Franklin

“During our search for investment property last summer, we were referred to Benjamin Bach by our son. Ben met with us to review our goals and we established a relationship which is helping us meet those goals. As new investors we needed guidance, advice and professional contacts. Ben provided all that and more. He led us through the search for suitable properties, helped us to prepare offers, assisted to negotiate the sales, and provided referrals for inspections and approvals.Thanks to Ben, we now own three investment properties in Kitchener/Waterloo. We are planning to duplex one property and to to build an addition on another.

All three properties will be producing strong positive cash flow in less than 12 months from purchase. We intend to repeat this strategy again and build a portfolio which will provide financial independence for our retirement. Benjamin is an important part of our team of experts and we look forward to the future opportunities we will face together.”
Mardi and Larry Teeple

“Ben played a critical role in the acquisition of my first property. He showed me the ropes and found me the perfect starter investment. I am very happy with the outcome of the negotiations he underwent on my behalf. Ben is a true professional and passionate about his work. I look forward to growing my real estate portfolio with him.”
Matt Rendall

“Benjamin and his team make selecting and purchasing quality investment real estate a breeze! I highly recommend contacting him and attending his free monthly seminar if you’re thinking about real estate investing in Kitchener-Waterloo.”
Janan and Waldemar

“”Ben has been a tremendous resources in the development of my real estate portfolio. His technical, market, and industry knowledge make executing transactions a fast and painless experience. He has shown great flexibility and ambition in helping myself and others achieve their goals.

Andrew Teeple

“Anyone who has ever met Benjamin knows he lives a lifestyle of proactive generosity. ” – Josiah Mackenzie, founder of Josiah Mackenzie & Company

“Thanks to Ben for not only teaching me about networking, but teaching me about helping people our whenever I can.

I recently had a very fulfilling experience, which occured through some inspiration from Ben. I recently made contact with an old boss, within my industry. He was looking for a salesman to fill an opening in his company. I acutally knew of someone who I thought would be a perfect fit. I helped the two parties connect and my old boss now has a friend of mine as part of his team. I recently had a $100 gift certificate to the LCBO Fed-Ex’d to me from my old boss. I’ll drink to the fulfilling experience of helping people out. Ben I owe you some drinks for teaching me about networking and helping people, for no reason other that is what quality people do! Thanks Ben!”

Derrick Evers,  July 15, 2007

“Benjamin is an expert in the field of investment real estate. He is highly knowledged and a great speaker on this topic. He does an ecxellent job going through the process one on one and has worked very patiently with me. It doesn’t take long before you realize that he truly works hard to help make other people wealthy and successful…stays true to his life mantra. I strongly recommend Benjamin if you’re looking for person to help you build your wealth!”

February 16, 2007

Top qualities: Personable, Expert, High Integrity

Keith Balasingham, Sparkmatrix

“If your looking for someone who is well informed, on the cutting edge of business for today, and understanding the power behind, “giving before recieving”, look no futher…”

Paul Gruber, Richard Robbins International

“Benjamin Bach is a rare breed. Wise beyond his years, and as his “tagline” says, “His enduring purpose is to give back to they world before it gives to him”, and in my experience, he lives by his motto day in and day out. Benjamin is a person who adds value both personally and professionally with everyone he interacts with. His insatiable appetite for reading has rubbed off on me, and my professionally library has grown by 1000% in the last 6 months as a result. I find Benjamin to be an invaluable resource in so many capacities, I feel privileged to know him and call him a friend.”

Dave Dunseith, Account Executive, ACCREDITED Home Lenders

If you would like to share a story about how I’ve helped you, please leave it in the comments below!

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