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Apple Store Coming to Kitchener Waterloo

NEWS Alert: Apple Store coming to Conestoga Mall in Waterloo

Over at BenjaminBach.com there is big news that will affect the commercial real estate landscape in Kitchener Waterloo.
Apple is opening a retail store in Conestoga Mall.
Now, this isn’t confirmed by Apple or Ivanhoe Cambridge yet (owners of Conestoga Mall), but there are some tell-tale signs that allow us to confidently state that Apple is coming to town.
Click through to Apple Store coming to Conestoga Mall in Waterloo to see the proof for yourself!
What impact will this have on the commercial real estate market in Kitchener Waterloo, especially retailers in the area ?
Benjamin Bach comments, over at his main blog:
Having Apple as a destination tenant at Conestoga Mall is great news for all the other stores in the area – except maybe Future Shops’s Apple department – because people will head to the mall to check out the new toys at Apple, and they’ll inevitably browse around and grab food at adjacent businesses.
What does it mean for competing retailers like Carbon Computing?  When Apple has come into similar communities, it has been hard for independent authorized retailers to stay in business and maintain a valuable point of differentiation.
It seems like the $75 million investment into Conestoga Mall over the past few years is paying off for owner Ivanhoe Cambridge.  Even more good news for the mall will follow – I predict that Target moves into the Zellers space too (the other option being the Zellers space in Bridgeport Plaza)

the iPad for Real Estate – Best Apps for Business and Realtors

Over at my other blog I’ve written a review of Apple’s new iPad, and how Real Estate agents are using it.

The iPad and Real Estate: What you need to know

We look at the best iPad apps for Realtors, whether or not every Realtor should buy an iPad, and overall, what I think about it.

A sample:

I want to give you my perspective, show you what iPad apps I use most often, and tell you whether or not I think a real estate agent should buy one.

Daily use

Sure, the iPad is great for consuming content like video (youtube and other html5 enabled video sites, as well as movies you  transfer from your computer), music, podcasts, magazine, books and websites.  Everyone knows that.

What I want to know is whether or not it is useful for a real estate agent running around dealing with clients?  For me, it sure is.

A quick example:

A few days ago, I was out with a client looking at a development opportunity in Kitchener. Normally, I would have printed out the listing, historical data on the property, information about the tax assessment and lot boundaries from the province of Ontario’s online system, zoning by-laws, my notes etc.  However now, post-iPad, I’m able to save everything as PDFs and view them all effortlessly on the iPad. (note: I said useful, not fiscally sound!)

What apps am I using?

Are you using an iPad in for real estate?

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