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Bach on Books: Liveblogging a review


(also known as ‘watch Ben read a book today’)

This morning my good friend Phil Gerbyshak chucked a book at me. Ouch !
Turns out, it was exactly what I needed (funny how life works eh?)

The book he threw at me is Joe Calloway’s new book ‘Work Like You’re Showing Off: The Joy, Jazz and Kick of being better tomorrow than you were today’

I was at Chapters at 8am when it opened, and I’ve dived right into the book.

Here are my initial reading notes:

[9:00am] Chapter 1:
Showing off means being the best you can be in any situation. When life gives you lemons, you ‘make a lemon meringue pie, a lemon cake with festive lemon icing rosettes and a lemon “watch this” souffle’

Chapter 2:
What have you wanted to do for a long time? For me, it’s finishing my first book.
What have you been putting off in your life? Go do it !

Chapter 3: All hat and no cattle
This is a great line, one I first heard from my dear friend Anne McIntyre. Do you talk a good game, but never step up to the plate? Don’t be that guy. Be the guy who hits a double to bat in a run, every single time. And don’t gloat )

More to come…


[10:45] Chapter 4: Make room for good stuff by getting the junk out of your life. You already know what you need to stop. So stop it.

Chapter 5: Be the ‘gold standard.’ Do it, every single time. Be the person who always gets it done. No matter what. Do this, and ‘the world will beat a path to your door.’

‘Consistency is the foundation of success and the great business builder.’

Chapter 6: You don’t know until you try. Take some action. Pick the cat up by the tail (see what happens!). ‘Be daring, not stupid.’

‘Adopt the strategy of taking action, rather than hesitating, questioning and doubting.’

[11:30am] Chapter 7: ‘I want to get better every day because that’s where the fun is.’ WOW – big statement, and so true !

Do you say stuff like this? “We were busy today. We didn’t have time to improve ourselves.” If so, you have excucitis. Cure? Go read a book. Take a course. Calloway says about thesetype, ‘You’re toast my friend, and the end is near.’

If you’re not getting better… you’re getting…. worse !

Chapter 8: A la John Maxwell, Calloway says that ‘we see things as we are.’ True ! The trusting man sees people as trusting. The jealous man sees people as jealous. And on it goes…

Become a reverse paranoid – everyone is out to help you!

‘If I can learn to change the way I look at my world, then I can change my world.’ True dat Joe, true dat.

Chapter 9: Don’t claim to be something you’re not. Don’t over promise and under deliver. Bad equation!

Ari Gold famously says “manage your client’s [@#%&^@] expectations.”

[11:59 am] Chapter 10:  Give up, or go for it ? I’d take Go for it – every single time

Napoleon Hill says (and today I’m also reading his Your Magic Power to be Rich!) that winners never quit, and quitters never win.  There is a good lesson there !

Chapter 11: Ask ‘what if,’  ‘If not now, when,’ and (my favourite) ‘Why not?’  Why not indeed!  That’s actually the motto of U of Waterloo, in celebration of their 50th anniversary (congrats!) this year.

‘Constantly challenge assumptions and complacency.’

Chapter 12:  Don’t get too weird. Get back in the box sometimes. If you do something well, don’t start doing things outside of that ‘box.’  I think  you need to balance growth and mastery.

Chapter 13: ‘Expect to Connect. If you don’t like people they won’t like you back.’  Connecting is way to ‘make the love get bigger.’

Make real connections with your friends, clients and colleagues.  There is no ‘business relationship’ or ‘social friends.’

Chapter 14: Go all in. To quote my big brother Jesse Skurecki, ‘go %$@# deep .’

Joe asks ‘should you wait to find work you love before you go all in, or should you go all in so that you will begin to love the work you’ve got?’


Now that’s a funny shirt

Via Scoble

Viral Marketing Does Not WOrk

(photo of Dave McClure from Jeremiah Owyang’s Flickr stream)

PS –  What funny t shirts have you seen around? Snap a picture of one and I will feature it here !

Facebook – past the tipping point

Malcolm Gladwell writes that the tipping point is “that moment in an epidemic when a virus reaches critical mass. It’s the boiling point. It’s the moment on the graph when the line starts to shoot straight upwards.”

Facebook has passed the tipping point, and is now being used by a large majority of my clients, friends, and even a growing number of my ‘youth challenged’ (read: old and scared of computers) colleagues.

Last week I wrote at Joyful Jubilant Learning about how you can use facebook as a tool to generate revenue for your business (although I’m not generating as much as Facebook founder, and my fraternity brother Mark Zuckerberg is), and today I want to share at why I think it’s so good for that.

One of my newest friends of the ‘book, Robert Scoble, has a great thought on why Facebook has made the leap from a ‘personal’ tool to a ‘business’ one:   “Facebook is the better networking tool is BECAUSE it’s personal.”

He goes on to explain:  Facebook “told me the day [Danny] got accepted into Cornell, for instance. That stuff just comes up in regular conversation. But I don’t remember his wife’s name, Facebook shows that (they just got back from their honeymoon). I didn’t know his favorite drink. Mojitos. I got just the place to take him for great Mojitos when he comes out to visit. Facebook shows that. And I didn’t know anything about his social network. Facebook shows that too. Looking at the groups he’s added I can tell a lot more about him. He’s into going to free movie screenings in NYC, likes BMWs, reads the Economist, and lots more.”

I think facebook works because their really is no difference between ‘personal’ and ‘business.’  For example, you can’t be a jerk at the office and a nice guy at home.  Or honest at the office and a cheat at home – people are who they are, no matter where they are.

Some people are uncomfortable with this, and don’t share lots on their profile (which is what we call a Facebook homepage).  Some embrace it, and open up their lives to the people they know.  I think I have lots of info on my profile – what do you think?  What’s on your profile?

What I like most about Facebook these days is that it is a great platform for me.  While I love my blog, it is a passive site – the only people who come to the site are those that type in the web address, click a link, or have it bookmarked.

In contract, Facebook is active, through no work of my own.

Everytime I publish a blog post, put up a new picture, add to Vinnie Chase Bach’s dogbook profile (yes, our Samoyed is on dodbook), put a new book into my iRead, change my status (which right now reads: Benjamin Bach is going to be interviewed by Karen Salmansohn on Sirius Satelite ch#114 Monday 8-9am), EVERYONE in my friend list, several hundred people spanning from teenage cousins of mine to best selling authors, get a notice about it in their  news feed.  Everytime someone visits my profile, they will see all of this, and more – including great quotes from the only thing on TV worth watching, Entourage.

It’s like having your own channel on the internet, and everytime a new show comes up, a message is sent out to everyone who has me as a friend.

Am I on your friend list?  If I’m not, add me here!  You’ll be able to see all the interesting people who are on my friend’s list, and find out about all the awesome things going on, right as they happen.

Benjamin Bach Cartoon

Benjamin Bach is a Sales Representative with Keller Williams Golden Triangle Realty in Kitchener Waterloo.  Benjamin has been facebooking since 2004, and would love to help you use it as a tool in your life too!

If you are interested in how you can start your Real Estate Investment portfolio, have any questions about buying or selling a rental, income or investment property in the Waterloo Region, or are looking for a tip on a great book to read, please email Benjamin at (benjamin(AT) or call him at 519 570 4447.