CMHC Decides to Finance Student Housing Investment Property again, sorta

The day is upon us! Many of our clients have been waiting for this since 2008, when the tap of money for student rental properties in Kitchener Waterloo seemingly dried up. CMHC stopped insuring loans on this asset, and when CMHC gets out of the game, banks tighten up their available financing terms and start looking for much larger down payments, shorter amortizations, and higher fees. Yuck

Well, CMHC (Canada’s Mortgage and Housing Corporation) announced a new program, creatively titled CMHC Multi Unit Student Housing. Watch the video embedded below for details on what CMHC is looking for before loaning you money to buy, refinance, or develop a student property

Some notes:

This program is for refinance, take-out, construction& new purchase loans for purpose built student housing projects “located on campus of within walking distance” from the universities. CMHC will insure up to 85% of their lending value, which depending on the asset, will probably be between 65% and 75% LTV of the purchase price (more likely lower than higher). There is the option for fixed interest rates or a floating rate with a ceiling. Second (or pari passu) mortgages are permitted on title (presumably with CMHC and lender in 1st positions permission).

Additionally, CMHC wants to see that the borrowers have a track record of running similar projects, and in the case of a construction or development loan, that the borrower has the personal net worth to sustain the debt payments (mortgage) for a full year, in the case that the property isn’t completed for September and sits vacant (not a pretty scenario, and rare with an experienced developer).

For construction loans, CMHC will advance up to 75% of the value or cost during construction, and increase the loan to an 85% LTV (of lending value) once the property is complete and the rental income stabilizes.

If you’re interested in how you can get into the student rental market, contact me at or 519-772-4376. I’d love to sit down with you for a free, no-obligation consultation.

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