KW is REIN’s #1 Real Estate Investment Spot in Ontario, again

Hot on the heels of last year’s report, REIN, the Real Estate Investment Network, published their report naming Kitchener, Waterloo and Cambridge Ontario the #1 place in Ontario to invest in real estate.

Why does REIN consistently rank Kitchener Waterloo #1 ?

Here are the Top 9 Reasons You Should Invest in Kitchener Waterloo Real Estate

1. Growth – Kitchener Waterloo is growing at a rapid rate. If you haven’t been here in a few years, just drive down King St! There are mulitple mega million dollar developments that are underway or have been completed recently – The Bauer Lofts, The Barrel Yards, the Arrow Lofts, Kaufman Lofts, the new McMaster medical school and University of Waterloo Pharmacy school, the new King St streetscape in downtown, the new Uptown Waterloo, the Kitchener Market, Market lofts; and LOTS of development in the university areas as well.

Also, the University of Waterloo has recently announced plans to double it’s footprint over the next 40 years. See Is Waterloo’s Student Housing Market Being Over Built?

2. Great prices – Investors love Kitchener Waterloo because it has a booming economy, without big city property prices.  Our clients invest in condos ranging from $120,000 on up, and there are opportunities to buy multi-family housing with cap rates of 7%, leaving room for healthy cash flow with today’s low interest rates.You can buy good quality new construction rental units here, for much less than you’d pay for an older condo in Toronto.  (That’s what our cilents from Toronto happily do, over and over again).

3 – Low Interest Rates – It is now more affordable to borrow money, making it a great time to buy investment real estate

For the complete article, click here: Top 9 Reasons You Should Invest in Kitchener Waterloo Real Estate or watch this video:

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