Kitchener Waterloo Apartment Buildings & Multi-Family Investment Property

Apartment Buildings in Kitchener Waterloo

Want to buy an Apartment Building?

Apartment Buildings and Multi-Family Investment Property can be great investments.

Stable cash flow, low vacancy, and the ability to farm out the management and just collect cheques.  These are just a few of the reasons our clients are investing in multi-unit buildings, student housing and townhouse complexes.

There are several apartment buildings available in Kitchener Waterloo between $1 million and $10 million. Due to the nature of the Multi-Family market, we’re unable to provide a full list of available listings on our website.

For a full list of investment property currently available, click here.

Selling an apartment building in KW

KW Commercial specializes in helping investors acquire and dispose of investment property to maximize their return on investment.  We have worked with clients from across the world to profitably buy and sell property.

We have a list of qualified investors waiting for apartment buildings to buy, and we want to connect them to owners like you.

Whether you would like to sell a walk-up apartment building, or need to dispose of a national portfolio of multi-family housing, Benjamin Bach & KW Commercial can serve all your needs.

Interested in what apartment buildings are selling for? Take a look at How much for the apartment building in the window? and Two Waterloo Region Apartment Buildings Sell For $45+ million

Sold Apartment Buildings in Kitchener Waterloo

(New!) Two Waterloo Region Apartment Buildings Sell For $45+ million (225 units at $207,600 per suite)

Here are a few apartment buildings that our firm has helped real estate investors dispose and acquire. For a full list of properties, contact us.

LOCATION: Kitchener,
SIZE: 31 Unit Multi Family Walk-Up Building
SERVICES PROVIDED Benjamin Bach, Director with KW Commercial, consulted with the owners to list & market the investment property across Canada. The goal was to maximize profit in a quick sale. Building was listed for $2,200,000 and had a firm agreement of sale within seven days Keller Williams also represented the buyer to acquire the property and find new management.

LOCATION: Waterloo, very close to Wilfrid Laurier University

SIZE: 20 Students in 4 units. Recently constructed & purpose built, this property is in very good condition.
SERVICES PROVIDED Benjamin Bach represented the investor to acquire the property for $45,000 below list price. Benjamin also connected the buyers to the banking professionals who underwrote the new first mortgage; and helped buyer (a first time real estate investor) arrange for property management

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