The Crisis in Europe, and Real Estate Investors

I read this great article, all real estate investors should take a look:

Why Europe is in trouble, and how it affects Real Estate

The EU Debt Crisis

Anyone who invests their money anywhere should be
watching the economic events unfold in the Euro Zone. 

People who know me
know that I’m not too optimistic about Europe’s chances to emerge unscathed (and
united) from their latest economic debt (or rather, spending)

Why? The leaders don’t seem to be willing to sit down at the
proverbial kitchen table, make a budget that is realistic, and live within their
means. Until that happens, they have a problem.

What is the crisis? Most
countries spend more than they make, and borrow to make up the

Imagine you spent $150,000 for every $100,000 you
made, and you had to borrow the additional $50,000 every year.
This can only go on for so long.

To understand why this is a really really big problem, imagine that you and your friends
all live this way, and you all are the ones loaning
each other money to live this extravagant life

Eventually, the
bill comes, none of you have any money (and you all owe each other $$), and something has to give. Watch this quick video for a better
idea of what I mean, then keep reading:

But that’s Europe – why should we care?

Go read the rest here

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