Trifecta of Wisdom

That Guy with the Nametag, Scott Ginsberg has some great advice, all in threes:

8. Boutiques, not mega-marts.

16. Discipline, not luck.

34. Finest, not first.

75. Unique, not different.

As always, Scott includes a call to action:

What are your best three words of advice?

Share them here!

Scott, they’re here:

Ask to receive
Build it Big
Can, not can’t
Deserve, not need
Dream, only big
Excellent, not average
Failure is fertilizer
Give, don’t take
Help, not hinder
I love you
Invest in Waterloo
Just be great
Keep it simple
Learn, to teach
Lift not lean
Lots not few
Mastery, not adequacy
Now, not then
Only the best
Pay in advance
Quality commands premiums
Read every day
Sing high notes
Teach to help
Understand people better
Value overcomes objections
Will, not should
Wealth, not stuff
Xerox training rules
You can shine
Zeniths are lovely

How’s that Scott ?


2 responses to “Trifecta of Wisdom

  1. Very well done, Benjamin. I’m impressed.

    “Invest in Waterloo”

    I love it!

  2. It’s an actionable suggestion!
    I’m not sure about your local market Josiah, but Kitchener Waterloo has GREAT opportunities for wealth building, no matter what stage of the game you’re at. Sarah and I have just bought a condominium for around $120K (closing in 2 weeks!) and I’m helping my parents invest in a property here for $106K !

    Josiah, let me show you how ‘hot’ the great white north’s markets are 🙂

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