Five things you should know about me

Troy Worman is a super cool guy. Among other things, he’s a prolific blogger and my newest mentor. Phil Gerbyshak tapped Troy (as well as Liz Strauss, Jodee Bock, Ted Demopoulos, and Kammie Kobyleski) to tell us five things about him, and in turn Troy has tagged me (as well as Stacy Brice, Hans Henrik, John Koetsier, Mike DeWitt, Jennifer Warwick, and Steve Portigal).

Hmmmm…. what should everyone know about me?

1) I believe that we create our own future. I see a lot of people who are resigned to life. ‘Things happen for a reason;’ ‘It wasn’t meant to be’ etc. I don’t buy into that at all. Watch The Secret.

2) I am Quebecois (well, a Montrealer at least), and according to the Canadian Parliament, this is a separate nation onto itself.

3) I’m younger than most people think. I attribute this to the fact that I am wise beyond my years.

4) I am one of the few people living within 200KM of Toronto that knows that the best hockey team in the world doesn’t play in this province.

5) I’m a Toastmaster – this means I get up really early once a week and practice bloviating in a room with a bunch of other Toastmasters.

Since I’m a big believer in always giving more, here is number six: I started a software company in high school. I designed CRM software (before everyone was using CRM software) for high end financial advisors.

Now for the fun part… I’m tapping Josiah Mackenzie, Scott Ginsberg, Eitan Pinsky, Mark Graham, Chris Newell, Lois Raats, and Ian Ybarra over at Never Eat Alone. You’re it!

Benjamin Bach is a Real Estate Consultant with Keller Williams Golden Triangle Realty in Kitchener Waterloo dedicated to building wealth for his clients through smart Real Estate investments, and helping people achieve success. If you are interested in how you can start your Real Estate portfolio, or have any questions and buying or selling a home, or wnat to know some more things about him, you can email Benjamin (benjamin AT or reach him at 519 772 4376.


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4 responses to “Five things you should know about me

  1. Well done Benjamin! I’ve never heard the term Quebecois before. Interesting.

    And most interesting is the fact you started a software company in high school. WOW! You are amazing beyond your years!

  2. Thanks Ben! Thanks also for nudging me along in this blogging thing. 🙂 You definitely are wise beyond your years. As for me, I’ve got the years, but I’m still working on the “wise” part 🙂

  3. I believe that we create our own future. Amen to that, Benjamin!! What we do today impacts what will happen in the future. Thank you for the reminder!!

    Take care..


  4. Hi Benjamin!
    Haven’t seen you since the party. Looks like you’re doing well. Great to hear that you’ve hooked up with Troy! You couldn’t find a better mentor.

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