Go Deep

Recently, I’ve been working with my business coach Paul Gruber to ‘go deeper quicker’ with people I meet. What this means is that instead of engaging people I meet with small talk (‘so what do you do?’ ‘wow, a bank? what’s that like’ etc), I ask questions that get to the heart of who they are.

By asking questions like ‘are you feeding your entrepreneurial spirit’ and ‘what are your dreams,’ you do two important things. 1) You gain insight into the heart and character of the person you’ve met and 2) you’ve differentiated yourself from everyone else they meet.

Most conversations I overhear at a typical Chamber of Commerce event (which is just about the best place to meet business people) are very shallow. They talk about work, about ‘the markets,’ about the Leafs. When you ask deep questions, focused on the other person, you’ll be instantly set apart.

Next event you’re at, try asking ‘How can I know if someone I’m speaking with would be a good prospect for you?’ Great question to go deep quickly with.

Over on the Tom Peters blog, they’re exploring a similar topic.

“We are now allowed to talk about things beyond business, to ask about
our customers’ personal lives, so we can get to know them as people.”

(hat tip Never Eat Alone blog)


Benjamin Bach is a Real Estate Consultant with Keller Williams Golden Triangle Realty in Kitchener Waterloo dedicated to building wealth for his clients through smart Real Estate investments, and helping people achieve success. If you are interested in how you can start your Real Estate portfolio, or have any questions and buying or selling a home, you can email Benjamin (benjamin AT benjaminbach.com) or reach him at 519 772 4376.


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