What’s Your Type?

It’s important to understand how you think and operate.  In this spirit, I just took Bill Wagner’s Entrepreneur Personality Test (found here), and I learnt that I’m a Motivator.  What does this mean?

You’re a Motivator: You have a high level of sociability, an above-average level of dominance, and are both driven and independent. This gives you the ability to work well under pressure and in autonomous situations. It also means that you will be a great consensus builder, a good collaborator and a driver of change. Just like the name suggests, you are the consummate motivator who does well working by, with and through others.

The Motivator’s Business Strengths: Retail can be your game–or any environment where people are a large part of the equation. You do well in almost any business that involves people, as long as it’s a somewhat non-confrontational environment. You can be convincing and avoid most confrontation by creating a strong emotional argument. Motivators do well in the toughest of customer service roles, as you are able to see both sides of the argument. You tend to deal with even the most negative arguments by using the three F’s–feel, felt and found–saying, “I understand how you are feeling. In fact, I have felt the same way, but when I learned (insert your point), what I found was (again, insert your point).”

Motivators excel at leadership or sales. You do well in business with partners, or in a business that involves others. Motivators are good at nurturing relationships and often do best in a business that involves keeping clients for the long term. You thrive in a team environment.

Sounds about right.

(hat tip: Success Begins Today, who is also a Motivator)


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