Chris Brogan, over at Lifehack, is asking whether people are making the move from hi-tech organizational devices (blackberry’s, PDAs, tablets) to lo-tech (paper, pen, clip/elastic band).

A few months ago I retired my Dell Axim X3 from its position as my primary schedule/dayplanner. I never remembered to recharge it, it was one more thing I had to carry around in addition to a wallet, keys and phone, if I remembered to bring it.

I decided to give the DIY Planner a try, and I’ve been very pleased with it. I now organize my life on a series of 3×5″ index cards, held together with a binder clip. Ingenious!

Lois Raats, a local business owner and Leadership Coach, just blog’d about my system:

I’m sitting in the Northfield Williams Coffee Pub in Waterloo with Benjamin Bach the other day, and he pulls out this little stack of recipe cards held together with a binder clip. Now, you need to know that Ben is an extremely bright and tech-savvy guy – so I’m instantly intrigued by what is obviously some kind of very low-tech self-management system.

To my inquiring glance Ben announces, “I need systems I can’t screw up”.

I thought that was a pretty profound statement, and in fact would be a helpful mantra for the business world in general.

Ben goes on to describe how he’s used Blackberries, notebooks, etc., and found there was always something that made the arrangement break down. Owning an HP IPAQ that sits in my purse much of the time, and which hasn’t yet leaped out to update/recharge itself while I slept, I could really relate.

So here’s what he’s got on the individual cards: his goals for the week, his immediate to-do list, his want-to-read list, and so on. He’s chosen to include everything that’s necessary for strategic decision-making throughout the day – and nothing else. Nothing to distract him from fulfilling his life purpose each and every moment of the day.

I thought that was pretty cool.

You can check out Lois’s brand new blog here.


One response to “Lo Fi PDA

  1. Thank you so much for introducing this to me, Ben…it was a revolutionary concept for me.

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