Poker, Scotch and Homeless People

Recently, I’ve started playing cards regularly in Toronto on Friday nights with some fraternity men from my alma mater.  We get together around 9 or 10, drink some scotch (had some Macallan 18yr last night – unreal), smoke a few Habanos, and play some good old fashioned texas hold ’em.  Last night I actually won some money, and had a great time.

After I cashed out of the game around 1, we went for late night grub on Bloor Street.  There was a homeless women  begging for change, and I gave her a toonie. Not surprisingly, no one I was with had anything good to say about that.

They said I was perpetuating her poverty by giving her money, that I shouldn’t talk to her or look at her, that she should get a job etc.  I just smiled, and said ‘the fact that you all think it was wrong makes me feel even better.’  In life, if you do what most people do, you’ll have what most people have.   If you do what the extraordinary people do, you’ll have what the extraordinary people have.

Anyways, here are some extraordinary links from around the ‘sphere today:

Seth Godin talks about breakfast, complacency in service and the slippery slope. He’s also hiring at his web 2.0 company Squidoo.

Scott Ginsberg waxes poetic on 51 essential thoughts on networking.

Phil has some great quotes via one of his readers.


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