Investors agree: Use a Realtor when buying an investment property

Eryn, over at Do-It-Yourself Landlord, is a Real Estate Investor who understand the value in having a team of professionals advising you in a transaction (vs going at it alone without brokers).

So what can you expect from your agent? Again, remember: time is money. Ideally, your agent will do all the legwork to track down available properties that fit your needs or adhere to the requirements of your real-estate portfolio.  This service especially comes in handy if you live in a different city, state, or country than the area where you are investing.
Later, when you’re ready to sell one of your properties, your real-estate agent will take care of all the details and concerns of the selling process.

On top of all the perks of a real-estate agent’s inside knowledge and information, you should also expect a strict fiduciary responsibility from your agent to ensure that your best interests are being represented in each transaction.

If you’re brand new to investing, you might be surprised to learn that the commission of a buyer’s agent is typically paid by the seller of a property, unless explicitly stated otherwise. In this case, having a real-estate agent on your team makes all the sense in the world.

If you’re looking to buy an investment property in Ontario, I can help! I have a team of professionals that take care of every aspect of the investment.  Ask me how!


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