Friends on the net

Eitan Pinsky, a good friend of mine from the University of Toronto, has started a new blog, and it’s worth checking out.  You can find him on the web at His innagural post discusses the notion that some cultures and practices are more barbaric than others, and that the admission of this is not = racism.  Check out the sample below:

Relative to the Western World and the great majority of our population I can show you why some opinions or views ARE better than other’s.

Take for example World War II Germany. We had a great many people who in that day would kill Jews, Gypsys, Gays, Blacks and anybody else who infected the percieved [sic] “perfect” Aryan bloodline. We can say, today, that this opinion and view is evil, immoral and disgusting. Unequivocally, this view is WRONG because it does not fit with what our society believes in.

The rest can be found here.

Also, I have to big up another one of my friend’s sites, the prolific rapper Shad K. His Myspace site has some great tracks up, as well as information about where he is performing next.  Check it out here!


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