Looking for something to read today?

Keith Ferrazzi sits down with Sandra Day O’Conner and talks ‘relationships.’

Want to learn about Word of Mouth? Check out this list of the top eleven Word of Mouth blogs around from Buzz Canuck, via the Brand Builder Blog.

Get a free chapter of Scott Ginsberg’s new book How to be That Guy. This week, Scott is giving a way chapter 13, ‘Don’t be selfish with your knowledge.’

Marketing Guru Seth Godin has a great post about whether or not we entrepreneurs ‘need a boss.’ As usual, Seth is right.

Is Apple censoring bloggers?

Recently, I’ve been using the DIY Planner. Check it out!

Phil has just unveiled a new template over at Make It Great, and has a great post up about learning to say ‘no’ once in a while.

Check out my pick for Estate of the Day.

2 responses to “Looking for something to read today?

  1. Great links here Benjamin! Thanks for including me among them.

  2. Pingback: Floor1

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