Kitchener Waterloo Real Estate Market Update: KW Housing Index Up 2.6%

The KW Housing Index gained one point over the last update, rising to .40


The ‘over $600,000’ category has seen a return to single digits (it clocked in with a big donout last time the Index was updated) due to 1 firm and 1 pending sale in the past week. The rest of the categories have seen a moderate drop in listings, and a slight drop in sales, which results in a net gain for the Index. The first upward movement in some time!

On a personal note, I’m leaving for Vancouver tommorrow morning (dark & early – airport limo is getting us at the pelasent hour of 4:15am) to attend Richard Robbins International’s IGNITE program. We’re going to be visiting with my family in Vancouver, and later Abbotsford, and then we’re heading up to Whistler for my first Cousin Aron’s wedding. Can’t wait!

I first attended one of RRi’s IGNITE programs this past December, and I credit Rich with starting me down the path of personal growth. This time I’m attending with The Redhead (to take a page from Zig’s book) and my good friend Eitan, who will be getting into Real Estate (but not as a Realtor – he wants to make big $$$ and is drawn to development) when he graduates with Honours from U of T this year. I can’t wait for both of them to discover thier passion for growth and Ignite change in their lives!

I will be posting from Vancouver every couple of days when I can.

In other news, we just listed a fantastic Student Investment Property in Waterloo, just a couple of blocks from both Wilfred Laurier University and University of Waterloo, for $1,590,000. The property has $193,000 in projected revenue for the coming year, and it represents a great value in the booming student market. Since it’s so close to two Universities, it is always full. Students love it! If you are interested, or know of someone who is, send me an email at benjamin AT benjaminbach DOT com.

Have a Great rest of July!

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