Intentionally Creating Your Future

One of my favorite bloggers, Steve Pavlina, has a fantastic post today on how to intentionally design your future. Steve is a leading edge thinker, who is dedicated to growth. I find his blog quite informative, and he has led me to pursue more growth in myself. Here is an excerpt:

Even if you’re skeptical about the power of intention, it shouldn’t be hard to see that a disciplined mind brings benefits. Improved mental discipline is sure to be a useful skill regardless of your current model of reality. It’s hard enough to achieve goals via direct action if your mind is cluttered with negative or distracting thoughts. But with intention-manifestation, it’s nearly impossible.

I think a good solution to these problems is to build your mental discipline, your ability to stay focused on whatever it is you consciously decide to think about. We spend a lot of time thinking, but how much effort do we put into consciously managing our thoughts? How skilled are you at choosing your thoughts?

Of all the financial and money-related thoughts that go through your mind over the next 30 days, what can you do to ensure that at least 90% of them are in harmony with financial abundance?

Read the whole thing.

One response to “Intentionally Creating Your Future

  1. I absolutely agree. Steve really puts some effort into his work. Also,there are numerous other reasources on this topic and I have noticed that when people are resisting the law of atraction it has very little to do with understanding it or not. If you want to take a peek at a different side of this subject you may want to take a look at this blog too

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